Entertainment Thrives in Louisiana

World class incentives and educational funding continues Louisiana’s creative legacy

Entertainment Thrives in LouisianaEntertainment Thrives in Louisiana

Louisiana’s history in the entertainment industry is prodigious, and there’s no stopping in sight. The state has consistently recognized its importance, backing the industry to keep the spotlights on.

Louisiana is an innovator in film production. Its pioneering Motion Picture Production Program was the first of its kind in the nation when it debuted in the early 2000s, and it continues to be a draw for film productions in the state, covering a portion of the costs for a broad range of production needs, including equipment rentals as well as cast and crew salaries for work performed in Louisiana.  

LED also created the unique Entertainment Development Fund (EDF). EDF awards provide financial support for Louisiana’s content creators, while supporting education, training and job opportunities across the state’s film industry.

In addition to aiding the future digital media and film production workforce, Louisiana offers the Digital and Interactive Media and Software Program, providing tax credits for payroll and production expenditures. The program has helped secure multiple digital entertainment and software companies through the years, including the recent announcement of Possibility Space, a video game development studio launching in New Orleans.

The state’s entertainment outcomes continue to be recognized on the world stage, with 2021 seeing six Louisiana acts scoring Grammy wins and two Louisiana-made movies earning a total of four Academy Award nominations. Four additional Oscar nods went to other Louisiana-based artists.

2021 Project Expansions


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2021 Entertainment Investment Produced

$170 Million

Resident payroll (all entertainment programs)

$366 Million

In-state expenditures (all entertainment programs)

$2.5 Million

Entertainment Development Fund awards