Supporting Small Businesses


PTAC, CTAC advance small business success

Assistance centers drive business development by connecting companies with contract opportunities

 PTAC, CTAC advance small business success

Two unique business assistance centers are driving economic prosperity for small business – the Procurement Technical Assistance Center in Lafayette and the Coastal Technical Assistance Center in Thibodaux.

Both organizations help small businesses secure government contracts at the state and federal levels and are just two examples of small business aid from regional economic partners.

The Louisiana Immersive Technology Center in Lafayette hosts the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), helping tech-driven small businesses grow. (Credit: The Louisiana Immersive Technology Center)

PTAC currently serves 54 of the 64 Louisiana parishes with a tech-driven focus while CTAC drives development for businesses working on restoration and recovery efforts of coastal Louisiana.

This past year saw CTAC advance 110 coastal projects, including 47 projects in construction with a total value of $5.4 billion. As a result of assistance provided by the Louisiana PTAC, clients have received more than $8.6 billion in government contract awards since being founded in 2009.